A Passion for Quality and Design

Molded Frames

Wire Frames

Temple Tip Detail

The foot of each temple tip is decorated with our braille S logo.

Hinge Lining Detail

A galvanised metal cap engraved with our “give sight” message is used to “line” the temple-front piece junction. Only visible when the frame is not being worn, it’s a hidden pleasure for the owner to enjoy.

Braille “S” Metal Logo

The Shauns “braille S“ logo is embedded in the upper right corner of the frame front.

Carl Zeiss Lens

Tested more thoroughly than any industry standard or law in the world requires, Carl Zeiss Vision Lenses deliver our customers the same superior optics as found in the Lenses used to film the moon landing. Look for the hidden ‘Z’ for quality assurance.

Longbow Temples

Thicker at the points of stress, we taper the width of our temples through the mid-section to reduce weight and aid comfort without sacrificing strength.

Anti Reflective Coating

Our optics partner Carl Zeiss invented the anti-reflective coating and still has one the finest coatings available on the market. Every Shauns’ lens is coated with this AR technology.

Spring Loaded Hinge

To avoid “pinching” through the temple area we fitted our wire frames with a spring loaded hinge. The temple will give.

Branded Flare Temple Tips

Our acetate temple- tip flares from neck to tip providing an elegant appearance and comfortable fit. We customize each tip with our 3-dot logo and “give sight” message


The following icons represent the feature details throughout the catalogue.

Braille “S” Metal Logo Anti Reflective Coating Hinge Lining Detail Carl Zeiss Lens Temple Tip Detail Longbow Temples Branded Flare Temple Tips Spring Loaded Hinge